Reciprocal Teaching in Mathematics

In an effort to develop curriculum that addresses mathematical literacy, I found this article. The authors of this article have  applied the reciprocal teaching strategy, a literacy development strategy, to mathematics using a slightly alternative version of the strategy. In the traditional version of reciprocal teaching, there are four roles: Predictor, Clarifier, Questioner, and Summarizer. In this version, all the students engage in Prediction, they added the role of Teacher (similar to a Task Manager), and de-emphasized the Questioner. Their new version begins with all the students making a prediction about the content of the text selection. After the students read the selection, the Clarifier lists information the group already knows and information the group still needs to know to solve the problem. At this point, the group is encourage to re-read the selection. Then, the group addresses the question presented in the textbook and attempt to solve the problem. Finally, the Summarizer provides a synopsis of the reading and the process of solving the problem. Throughout this entire process, the Teacher (or Task Manager) holds each member of the group accountable to their role and keeps the group on task.


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