CMC South – Proposal – Engineering in the Elementary

Description: Participants will explore problem-solving through the engineering design process in the elementary classroom. They will work through a problem-based learning activity and will discuss strategies for integrating mathematics and engineering.

CCSS Application: This presentation will explore all eight Standards of Mathematical Practice. They will be involved in a problem-based learning activity that requires them to use mathematics to not only design their potential structure, but to decide on the appropriate amount of supplies and materials. Participants will have the opportunity to explore other ways of integrating mathematics into the project, allowing them to use mathematics as a tool for producing a more successful solution. The challenge itself is presented in a way that requires perseverance of all participants as they collaborate and apply mathematics to produce a possible solution (MP1). They will model as they create their design and consider all the restrictions (MP4). They will decontextualize the problem and contextualize it as they work to design and produce a solution (MP2). As they collaborate, they will construct viable arguments and practice critiquing the reasoning of others (MP3). They will need to use appropriate tools strategically to properly create their design and compute the necessary mathematics (MP5). Their calculations and measurements must be precise (MP6). They will look for structure as they assess their materials and supplies in planning and producing their solution (MP7). They will also look for repeated reasoning as a means of seeking general methods of designing the best solution (MP8).



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