CMC South – Proposal – Integrating Filmmaking and Mathematics

Description: Participants will explore a new approach to developing mathematical fluency through the art of filmmaking. They will investigate ways of analyzing mathematical concepts by integrating filmmaking and mathematics, while learning the steps to successfully produce a student film.

CCSS Application: While this presentation focuses heavily on the participants’ ability to contextualize (MP2), the integration of filmmaking and mathematics expressively addresses all eight of the Standards of Mathematical Practice. The participants will learn how integrating a medium, like filmmaking, can prompt students to persevere in their understanding of the concept being filmed (MP1). They will take a concept and plan a student film based on that concept, thereby contextualizing and decontextualizing throughout the planning process (MP2). As they collaborate on the planning and production process, they will construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others (MP3). They will model the mathematical concepts using the features of the film (MP4). They will understand the appropriate use of tools as they plan and produce the film (MP5). To ensure that the film’s story explains the mathematical concept correctly, they will have to attend to precision (MP6). They will have to make use of structure as they plan out the film (MP7) and express regularity throughout the film to maintain consistency in the film story (MP8).



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