Integrating Technology: Visualization using Aurasma


It seems like there is always some new app or some new device that has come out on the market. Staying current with and integrating all this new technology is a challenge, but it builds credibility among your students and it makes learning more engaging. For example, all my students knew how to use their devices to read QR Codes, but none of them had ever used Aurasma.

AurasmaAurasma is similar to a QR Code Reader, but it allows the viewer to see a different image or a video when scanning a particular picture. So, for my class, we created interactive walls where students prepared pictures and video clips to play when someone scanned particular pictures or words on the walls. I never heard about this app until I attended a recent conference that I attended on transitioning to the Common Core. I participated in a workshop specifically on integrating technology with mathematics and learned all about this app.



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