Digital Literacy: Developing Greater Comprehension of Online Texts

Reading OnlineI’m wondering if any teachers have already seen this as students begin using technology to access primary sources online. I think this trend prefaces a growing need to further develop strategies to foster biliteracy. While digital reading sources may not necessarily be presented in a different language, it does require a different set of comprehension building skills.

(See article – Digital Reading Poses Learning Challenges for Students by Benjamin Herold)

I realize that this sounds like it has nothing to do with mathematics, but I think it does. When we consider the comprehension building skills that students need to understand the mathematics that they read, we are talking about a different set of skills than what they would use to read literature. Instead of teaching students to perform calculations and expecting them to understand a problem by simply decoding the reading, we need to consider develop a combined approach to helping our students develop mathematical literacy through the integration of mathematics and English Language Arts.




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