Literacy Development in the Classroom: Round Robin Reading

Edutopia - 11 Alternatives to Round Robin ReadingIn 11 Alternatives to “Round Robin” (and “Popcorn”) ReadingTodd Finley mentions “Round Robin” Reading, an overly-criticized and antiquated method of oral reading, and provides alternative strategies to literacy development.

When I first started in the classroom, “Round Robin” Reading was highly encouraged. I tried it, but would always see students disengaged. The focus was primarily on one student while the other students needed some type of motivator to keep them engaged. What I also noticed was that many of my students struggled with reading aloud. So, I decided to read aloud to them, emphasizing all the prosodic cues within the text. Suddenly, they were all engaged. Taking this response, I began coaching my students to read with the same level of vigor. Still, I had a few students (mostly my visual learners) who were not as engaged as I had hoped. For them, I developed a strategy that allowed them to draw what they heard the student read aloud.

For more reading on “Round Robin” Reading and alternative strategies to this method:


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