Online Resources

Curriculum Resources

Jeopardy Labs Jeopardy Labs allows users to create their own jeopardy game online, providing a great opportunity for reviewing previously covered concepts or for integrating into a project-based learning activity.
Geogebra Geogebra combines geometry, algebra, and calculus, into a multi-platform software package making it suitable for learning and teaching mathematics. Its dynamic geometry system allows users to work with points, vectors, segments, lines, and conic sections, while its dynamic algebraic system allows users to enter equations and coordinates directly.
PhET Equation Grapher – The PhET project at the University of Colorado developed Equation Grapher, a simulation that allows students to enter different values for the coefficients in a quadratic equation and see the resulting graph. The features that accompany the simulation helps students see the impact that each coefficient has on the outcome of the graph.
NLVM The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides a digital library of interactive virtual manipulatives that engage students in mathematics. The library of virtual manipulatives spans Kindergarten through 12th grade, focusing on Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability.
engageNY EngageNY provides curriculum modules that align with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. Each module is accompanied with a teacher’s guide, copies of student materials, and sample assessments.

Instructional Ideas

KhanAcademy Khan Academy provides an extensive library of videos, offering various levels of mathematics courses. The website also offers progress tracking, with problems generated for students based on their skill level and performance.
MARS The Mathematics Assessment Project provides performance-based tasks for students to engage in summative and formative assessments. The website also provides teachers with professional development modules that explain the process of assessment.
Illustrative Mathematics Originally developed at the University of Arizona, Illustrative Mathematics provides different lesson activities that align with the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics for every grade level. The website also provides an extensive review of the Standards for Mathematical Practice with different elaborations for students in grades K-5 and students in grades 6-12.
Solvr Solvr is a collaborative problem solving tool that allows users to discuss problems and their ideas for solving them. After someone presents a problem, everyone else in the group is able to simultaneously share their thoughts and comment on the thoughts of others.
Tricider Tricider offers students a unique platform for brainstorming through online collaboration and communication. Students are able to not only propose ideas, but develop ideas through an integrating revision process.

Technology Resources

Quizlet Quizlet – Students can create their own set of flashcards or choose from sets that have been created by others. They are also given the option to choose from several different study modes using their own set of flashcards or a set of their choice.
EdmodoLogo Edmodo provides teachers with an interactive platform for students to respond to a variety of prompts in real-time, while providing students with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers. Edmodo allows users to embed LaTex code and is capable of fully embedding interactive GeoGebra applications and Desmos graph files.
LaTeX LaTeX is a document markup language that allows users to format mathematical formulas and equations. The Online LaTeX Equation Editor builds on this feature by converting Latex equations to images that users may embed in documents and presentations.
Desmos Desmos is an online graphic calculator that allows you to graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and more.
Daum Equation Editor Daum Equation Editor is a browser extension for Google Chrome that provides students with an equation editing interface that allows them to easily write and edit equations. When finished, students can save their equations to a text file, to PNG image, or to their Google Drive.

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