Domain A

TPE 1 – Specific Pedagogical Skills for Subject Matter Instruction

  1. Subject-Specific Pedagogical Skills for Multiple Subject Teaching Assignments
    • Demonstrates the ability to teach to the state-adopted content standards
    • Uses a variety of appropriate instructional strategies and resources to respond to students’ needs
    • Makes subject matter meaningful using proper procedures (i.e., critical thinking, problems solving, concept attainment, etc.)
  2. Subject-Specific Pedagogical Skills for Single Subject Teaching Assignments


Telling My Story This provides a reflection on my progress with regards to Domain A.
Lesson Plan This lesson plan provides an approach to understanding how to solve multistep percent problems within the context of real-world situations.
Presentation This presentation addressing the tenets of teaching geometry and compares the treatment of procedural fluency and conceptual understanding.
Article Review This article review highlights the different approaches that I take in teaching mathematics.
Application This artifact analyzes the van Hiele model of geometric thought and provides a series of activities that addresses the different levels of the model.
Instructional Guide This instructional guide offers an alternative approach to teaching students how to solve word problems by taking a linguistic approach to thinking mathematically.
Blog Post This blog post focuses on a hands-on approach that I developed to help students understand equilateral triangles.