Domain B

TPE 2 – Monitoring Student Learning During Instruction

  • Determines student progress toward achieving the state-adopted content standards
  • Supports student learning during instruction
  • Collects and uses multiple sources of information about student knowledge and learning

TPE 3 – Interpretation and Use of Assessments

  • Demonstrates an understanding of design, use, & differentiation of assessments, formal and informal
  • Using and interpreting assessments appropriately and accurately
  • Giving feedback on assessments
  • Uses information from formal and informal assessments to inform planning and instruction


Article Review An article review on the influence of perception in developing conceptual understanding of probability.
Book Chapter Assessment Chapter from NCTM’s Principles to Actions. Since being a member with NCTM, this chapter has been a big influence in the way I assess my students.
Assessment Plan This is a summative assessment for a unit of study in mathematics on expressions and equations that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
Blog Post A blog post on approaching mathematics in a less than mathematical way.
Blog Post A blog post that explores an alternative to multiple-choice assessments.
Blog Post A blog post on different types of assessments accommodations.
Blog Post A blog post on assessment adaptations used in differentiated instruction.