Domain D

TPE 8 – Learning About Students

  • Understanding how to learn about student needs and abilities
  • Using methods to learn about students
  • Connecting student information to learning

TPE 9 – Instructional Planning

  • Establishes and communicates appropriate academic learning goals
  • Connecting academic content to the students’ backgrounds, needs, and abilities
  • Selecting appropriate strategies/activities/materials
  • Designs and implements short-term and long-term instructional plans to foster student learning


Article Review An article review on the complex nature of graphs and the factors that influence how students approach and understand graphs.
Survey This is a student survey that I use at the beginning of the year to learn about my students’ interests and their learning styles.
Unit Plan This is a unit plan that addresses the study of expressions and equations.
Website This website documents the work that several classes did in mathematics using project-based learning. I implemented this model of learning last year and have witnessed positive gains in the students’ concept understanding and procedural fluency.