Project Based Learning

This page will log my progress in developing a STEM curriculum that is entirely based on project-based learning.

Introductory Week
Focus: Establishing foundations. I plan to introduce the concept of Project Based Learning to the students and begin them on the journey of taking ownership of their own learning.

Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Discussion “What is Project Based Learning?”
Day 3 – Establishing Foundations
Day 4 – Providing Constructive Feedback
Day 5 – Introductory Activity and Creation of Student Jobs

PBL Week One
Focus: Establishing foundations. Since a large part of last week focused on theory, I want this week to focus on application. I will have the students begin working together on their first driving question.

Day 6 – Integrating Genius Hour with Project Based Learning
Day 7 – Developing Student Leaders through Project Based Learning




Resources on Project Based Learning


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